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Hello! Welcome, to Mototopia! Mototopia is a family safe island in the middle of the Alantic ocean, on the planet XXX! Here your family and you can enjoy multiple choices of riding tracks! Also, if you or someone you know doesn't know how to ride a recreational vehical we have many training centers! Have fun!


What to expect:

Braap! Braapp! Braaapp! The engines of multiple racing bikes rumble as they start up. "Go! Go! GO!" Scream the spectators... This is the constant excitement of Mototopia. There is never a dull moment on this extravagant island. With hand-on activities such as: working on dirt bikes or quads, learning how to ride, going out on single trails, jeep trails, or even hit some jumps on our multiple race courses!


one of our most common tracks.


Mototopia is a Democratic Rebuplic based island, with a steadily increasing population 5, 113 human beings.


Spectators at a race

Latest activityEdit

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Map of the island Mototopia, in the Atlantic ocean on planet XXX.